MAXIMIZE your potential when living and working in an intercultural context.

Adapta supports Global Teams and Individuals develop the required knowledge, skills, and mindset to be effective and inclusive when living, communicating, and working in a new culture.


Intercultural Training

Intercultural Trainings for individuals and global teams to live, communicate, and work effectively in an intercultural context.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Coaching for
global professionals and expatriates to achieve goals and embrace change in a new culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs for professionals to successfully work and manage global and diverse teams. 

ABOUT Thais Santiso

As the founder of Adapta, I help you MAXIMIZE your potential when living and working across Cultures through trainings, workshops, and coaching.  As an Intercultural Trainer & Consultant, Executive Coach for Expats & Global Teams, and Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator, I design, develop, and facilitate programs that help you to develop your intercultural competence or ability to communicate, work, and collaborate effectively and inclusively in an intercultural context.


"I have been lucky to start Intercultural Training Session with Thaïs very early upon my arrival in Toronto.  Those sessions have been key for me to better understand what was playing around me, gave me also the opportunity to step back and defuse quickly some situations that my French culture could have other way rather escalated!"



"Thais has helped us with insightful and useful information upon our arrival to the US from Europe. Her knowledge, experience and cultural awareness are second to none since she has lived the same relocations we have. She has made our transition smooth on a personal, professional and educational level."



"My coaching journey with Thais was enriching and fruitful. Thais is a skilled intercultural coach who partners with you to create a comfortable space to engage resulting in a perfect balance of support, encouragement, and accountability. As an intercultural coach, she not only understands the challenges that leaders and professionals, particularly women professionals, may experience when working in an intercultural setting, but also knows how to leverage the global capabilities in you”.


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