At Adapta, one size does not fit all. We custom design multi-phase roadmaps for international success. From assessment to training and practical knowledge, follow-up and troubleshooting—or even developing specialized expertise—the approach stays true to you and where you want to take your career.

  Phase 1: Assessment

  • The deep-dive
    Through key questionnaires and exercises, we get to know you in engaging interviews and fun, less formal encounters.
  • Analysis
    Let’s start crunching—but more than numbers. Adapta captures your unique skills, considers areas for improvement, then identifies the right focus for reaching personal and professional goals.
  • The roadmap
    You stand at the center of a roadmap for success. It includes recommendations (i.e., skills to be acquired) and understands previous professional experiences, both at home and abroad. It lays out step-by-step agendas that go way beyond checklists and certificates.

  Phase 2: Accommodation
and Training

  • Basics
    Based on your goals for life abroad, Adapta connects you to top real estate advisors, the best schools and the living situation that reflects your priorities and style. It’s more than simple relocation—Adapta helps you find the best language programs, other educational opportunities, professional organizations, arts entities, you name it.
  • Custom training
    Based on your goals, Adapta designs training to maximize potential in foreign settings, in everything from classroom instruction to in-person workshops that include role-playing, model-building or real-life experiences in the field. Adapta experiences are rich, intense…but casual and fun. A dialogue between participants and counselors that evolves with your needs and successes.

  Phase 3: Follow-up and Continuing Education

  • Follow-up
    The training you completed with Adapta is a toolbox of knowledge and techniques that take you far when you hit the ground abroad. Yes, there will be unexpected twists, surprises and situations; Adapta is available for follow-up and support on the fly. We’re committed to your success for as long as you need us.
  • Ongoing assessments/continuing education
    There’s nothing like real-world experience to sharpen skills and refine goals. Contract with Adapta to support regular assessments and fine-tune approaches, analyze missteps, connect teams and adjust big-picture thinking.

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